Reflection of the Walking Dead

When I finished reading the Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, I found that no matter how weird the zombie world is, the story is always a mirror of human’s world. Volume one starts with the injury of Rick and all zombie world starts from the hospital. When Rick wakes up in the hospital, the whole world has changed. With his great effort and others’ help, Rick finally found a group of people and among them are his wife and his son. Then the story goes on with the human life in the world full of zombies. People need to survive, and they try really hard to survive. However, they have a lot of conflicts with each other all the time as they are all under the great pressure. People have to be aware of the coming zombies all the time. The most attracting part in this book is the process that Rick goes to get guns from a gun store in the city. Rick begins to know more about zombies and he use his method of smell to get the guns successfully. At last, the story ends with Rick’s son shooting at Rick’s partner. We will find that the story goes to a direction of humans’ world but not zombies’ world.

In our real life, we can also find the shadow of this story. When a group of people are facing a severe condition of life, they would certainly be unite and powerful. However, when they get in their normal way of life, they would have conflicts and quarrels. We have to barrel all the conflicts and trust everyone around us.

To begin with volume 2, the style of the book is quite different of volume 1. Each page in the comics has much more words than that in volume 1. I found the relationship among this group of people becomes more and more complex. As several figures died because of zombies, their husband or parents will be hardly to stand. So they become rancorous to others and those who are luckier than them. Under the great pressure, their characteristics are being twisted. Even the children become crazy and rely on opposite sex. Surviving from time to time, the rest people finally find their way to a safe place. They find the other people from the city and what’s more, they find their hope.

No one knows what will happen to them in future, and we don’t need to know. Hope for a group of frustrated people is everything. In the real world, especially after an earthquake or tsunami, people there would lose their hope and become frustrated. As a consequence, they may have psychological problems. Their desire of life will survive their lives, however, only hope can survive their minds.


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